3cixty Demo in Nice

From 16 to 17 June 2016, Data Moove participates to the Innovative City event at the Palais Nice Acropolis to present 3cixty platform dedicated to the Smart & Digital Cities concept. For its 5th edition the show revolves around the theme: Delivering Urban Innovation, in order to anticipate changes and needs of cities.

Data Moove exposes the technology 3cixty and capabilities of its applications to meet the needs of the cities : the future management of its tourism data feeds in large volumes.

3cixty Platform

3cixty is an innovative and unique solution that creates a strong visibility for your city. Using the 3cixty platform, tourists and citizens are able to explore events and places like never before. A huge amount of city data is connected in one single application creating a “
smart city” solution. With this application, visitors can plan and enjoy the perfect trip, leaving no part of your city undiscovered.



Main benefits

All relevant city data, like places and events, is integrated and available in one place, to allow mobility.

Visitors create their perfect harmonized trip by combining and comparing multiple places and events.

3cixty creates visibility for local businesses and services and boosts their performance and all that the city has to offer.

What is it?

The 3cixty platform integrates all kinds of city data from global to hyper local sources. This is used to power a web application and a mobile app with which city visitors can find all those things in the city that really interest them.

Develop city apps

Web applications and new or existing mobile apps that can work with any selected 3cixty knowledgebase. The apps can be used by visitors to query the knowledgebase and to plan and enjoy their visit.

Data APIs and rapid app development

The knowledge base is accessible via easy to use REST API. More services are included to support developers to quickly develop 3cixty apps.

Develop an integrated city knowledge base

The 3cixty platform enables the creation of a city knowledge base, in which heterogeneous data from various sources are integrated and semantics of the data are made explicit.

Our works

An example: Milan knowledge base








transportation facilities

Plan and explore with 3cixty

Visit the town of Nice with the web application ExploreNice 360 and the 3cixty plateform to manage all touristic data feeds !

Visit the town of Milan with the web application ExploreMi 360 and the 3cixty plateform to manage all touristic data feeds !